Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes 2023

Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes, Jazz has got you covered with their Jazz Monthly Call Package, which offers 1000 minutes for just 55 Rupees, along with 1GB of Facebook data for a period of 30 days. This package is the perfect choice for Jazz customers who are looking for an economical option.

To avail of this package, all you need to do is dial *6994# and subscribe. Jazz, one of the leading mobile network service providers, always strives to provide the best packages to its customers, and this call package is no exception.

This package not only offers a substantial number of minutes for making calls, but it also provides Facebook data, allowing users to stay connected with their friends and family on social media. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for the most affordable monthly package, then the Jazz Monthly Call Package is definitely worth considering.

In addition to this, Jazz offers a range of internet packages at the lowest prices. So, don’t forget to check out their other packages and find the one that suits your needs.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 55 Rupees For 1000 Minutes code

Have you heard about the Jazz 55 rupees monthly call package? It’s a fantastic deal that offers 1000 minutes and 1 GB of Facebook data. And the best part? It’s super easy to activate! All you need to do is dial 6994# and reply with “1”. That’s it!

Trust me, this package is a steal. I suggest you give it a try and see the features for yourself. Once you activate the Jazz Monthly call package for just 55 rupees, you’ll get more than half an hour (33 minutes) of call time every day for Jazz-to-Jazz calls. Plus, you can easily share your Jazz balance with others in just 30 seconds.

So why wait? Grab your phone, dial 6994#, and subscribe to this awesome offer. You won’t regret it!

Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes Details

Package Name:55 Monthly Offer
Price:55 Rupees
On-Net Minutes [Call Minutes]:1000
Free Facebook [Internet]:1Gb (1000 MBs)
Validity:Month (30 Days)
Subscription Code:*699*4# & Reply 1

Jazz 1000 Minutes Package 30 Days Code

The Jazz 1000 minutes plan may be activated (subscribed) for just 55 rupees, and you can use 33 minutes every day. Dial 6994# and then press “1” to confirm. The deal, which evolved into the finest Jazz call package, is simple to subscribe to and unsubscribe from. Using the same code, 6994#, you can also check the remaining minutes and social network MBs; just respond with “2”.

Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes 2023
Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes 2023

Jazz has got you covered! With the Jazz 1000 Minutes Package, you can enjoy 1000 minutes for only 55 rupees and even get 1GB of Facebook to use for a whole month. That’s a great deal, isn’t it?

To activate the package, all you need to do is dial 6994# and reply with “1”. And the best part is, you can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from the offer anytime you want. Plus, you can check your remaining minutes and MBs by simply dialing the same code and replying with “2”.

So, what are you waiting for? Activate the Jazz 1000 Minutes Package now and enjoy 33 minutes of Jazz call-to-call usage every day. It’s a steal deal, trust me!

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